San Diego – The Ultimate Travel Destination

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San Diego is an expanding and also dynamic city positioned near the Mexican border of California. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. The warm temperature levels, sandy coastlines, and numerous tasks make San Diego an excellent travel destination.

Depending upon just how much time you have, you might intend to have a look at Tijuana Mexico, just a short 20 min drive simply southern of the Mexican border. As a matter of fact, you can even walk across the boundary (past protection naturally). Why go to Tijuana? The shopping! You can get a great deal of bargains here. I got an authentic Swiss Army Watch for regarding half the cost you would certainly pay at a merchant. Everything boils down to exactly how well you bargain. Don’t take the initial rate someone supplies you. Here, you have to recognize just how to play the game. Act uninterested and also barter if you want a good deal.

If Tijuana is not your design, there are lots of various other tasks in San Diego worth going to. One is the zoo. I’ve been to 8 various zoos but none comes also near the San Diego Zoo. Admission isn’t inexpensive at around $35 bucks for a grownup. However what else do you anticipate for among the largest zoo’s in the world including over 4000 pets. Elephants, Zebras, Lions, Crocodiles, and Apes, they are all right here at the San Diego Zoo.

Other attractions in the city worth going to consist of Balboa Park which includes several galleries. My preferred is the Automotive history museum which traces autos from their starts up till modern times. Here you can see vehicles like 1924 Ford – Model T, 1974 Lamborghini – Countach 5000S, and even the car that was included in the hit motion picture “Back to the Future,” the 1981 De Lorean. There is also a Natural History Museum and Science Museum in Balboa Park that are worth checking out.

When you consider San Diego, that can neglect the coastlines. My preferred is La Jolla Beach. Sure it’s not the largest, or sandiest but it’s attractive. On top of that it is a little bit much less jampacked than some as well as offers wonderful snorkeling. There are additionally great deals of rocks to climb out onto where you can see crabs, sea urchens, as well as other wild animals.

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