Pros and Cons of Travelling Australia in a Diesel-Powered Car

When you choose to take a tour around Australia, making the right choices will determine the amount of money you will be spending on your trip. The choice stretches further to the type of fuel that will be used to drive the vehicle. Diesel is one of the main types of fuel that can be used as it is readily available and will be more economical.

Below are the pros and cons of traveling Australia in a diesel-powered vehicle:


  • Availability: Diesel is readily available even in remote parts of Australia which means there is less possibility of failing to get a place to purchase the commodity.
  • It is more convenient for use in a deep water crossing as it does not contain electrics like the petrol-powered engine.
  • More convenient for caravan towing: diesel has a superior low down torque as well as a bigger engine breaking as a result of the high compression ratio. This will make it easier to tow a caravan even in hilly landscapes.
  • It is more convenient to carry diesel in a fuel can due to its less volatility compared to petrol.
  • The consumption of diesel is lower where a vehicle will spend 20% less fuel compared to what a petrol-powered vehicle will consume when covering the same distance.
  • The cost of purchasing diesel is lower compared to the amount that one will pay on a similar amount of petrol.
  • A diesel-powered vehicle will last longer compared to a vehicle that uses gasoline. This means that you will get better value for your vehicle and if you intend to resell the vehicle in the near future, it will stand a better chance to be bought at a higher price compared to vehicles that use petrol.


  • The cost of buying a diesel-powered vehicle is higher compared to the cost of purchasing a petrol-powered vehicle.
  • A diesel-powered vehicle will require more regular servicing compared to the number of times you will service a petrol-powered vehicle.
  • The cost of diesel is higher compared to the cost of petrol; this means that you will spend more on buying the diesel compared to the person who will be using petrol.
  • In most remote areas, it will be more difficult to find diesel and the person who has it will sell it at a very high price.
  • The technology used in making a diesel engine is more advanced and if proper servicing and other maintenance procedures are not carried out, it will be very costly to repair the damages.

When traveling Australia, choosing to use a diesel engine will ensure that you do not make too many stopovers in search of fuel. You will discover that a liter of diesel will take you for a longer distance, and your vehicle will have a greater capability to tow your caravan compared to the person who chose to use another type of fuel. The money you will have saved on fuel will be put to good use as you journey across Australia.

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