"Richsum Electronics" mainly layouts and manufactures radio,rfid, charger, LED bonding items since 1997's

As an excellent enterprise with 10 years experiences and more than 600 skilled staff, owns a complete of design,manufacturing equipments and the whole set of quality guarantee system

Depends on our advantage, we devote to solar and wind power industry, we are engaged in the deepest level development and provide with the professional and standard complete solutions, and undertake construction project and technical supports

In order to support our customer network, serve more customers in the world range, we have our own professional printing workshops and metal factory

The markets for our products are mainly in the American and European markets, South Africa and Australia

For a customer or end-consumer, it is the best service to provide with standard, qualified and durable product with stable features, the customer satisfaction is the bottom line by which we measure our success, please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any requirements or concerns.




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